Why You Must Visit Sri Lanka – Book Luxury Villas In Sri Lanka For A Holiday Of Bliss!

Why You Must Visit Sri Lanka

There are a million reasons to visit Sri Lanka! 

Here we list just a few. At Pearl Sri Lanka we let our guests explore and be pleasantly surprised by the islands magic. Read on to understand a few allures of Sri Lanka. More than enough to make you want to explore and book our blissful luxury villas in Sri Lanka.

The Beaches Of Course Is The Main Reason To Visit Sri Lanka!

Sun sand and sea is what the island of Sri Lanka is famous for and Sri Lanka villa holidays are hard to beat. Beach holidays in Sri Lanka are amazing whether you are sun worshiper, explorer or lazy lounge lizard. Snoozing under a coconut palm on a golden sandy beach, snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean is just the start. View our holiday rental properties and choose a holiday villa that?s perfect for you. We?ve got some gems to choose from.?

Galle is one of the best coastal cities for surf and sun as well as exploring UNESCO Heritage Sites and those sultry days chilling by the pool of your holiday villa. 

You Must Visit Sri Lanka To Explore The Culture

Age old traditions and exotic culture awaits in Sri Lanka. Start with the diverse range of cuisine, reflecting the multi-ethnic races of the island. Visit the varied places of worship; temples, kovils, churches and mosques abound. Tour the Cultural Triangle, home to UNESCO Heritage Sites; the islands first kingdoms, ancient palaces, the Lions Rock Fortress (the 8th wonder of the world) and relics of Buddhism dating beyond the 1st century.

Visit Sri Lanka To Let The Wildlife Woo You 

The National Parks of Sri Lanka are home to some of the most stunning environs, within which live the most fascinating creatures. Herds of elephants migrating in astounding numbers, leopards, deer, sloth bears, amphibians, reptiles and a gorgeous collection of bird species numbering over 200, promise to treat the nature lover in you. Take a jeep safari into the wild of Yala, Minneriya, Kumana, Bundala for unforgettable memories.

Let?s not forget the shopping; exquisite gem studded jewellery, unique handicrafts and colourful handloom fabrics. Plus, the affordable luxury villas, offering holidays fit for a king! 

Ready to book your holiday villa in Galle? Talk to us today and let?s start planning that unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka!

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