Villas in Sri Lanka for Sale ? Opening a Guesthouse

Villas in Sri Lanka for sale ?Opening a guesthouse

Villas in Sri Lanka for sale ? How to open a small guesthouse

Managing a small guesthouse in a location sounds like a dream job. With the tourism industry set to develop by leaps and bounds in the country, buying one of the villas in Sri Lanka for sale is one way to make this dream come true. But opening your own guesthouse is not going to be a cake walk. You will need to pick your location carefully, research well and make a sustainable plan to be able to run a successful business. Here is a guide to help you get started.

Find a good location

Do you want to manage a beach villa or a guesthouse in a hilly area? The location of your guesthouse is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Before you jump into an unwise investment simply because the villa itself or the location looks breathtaking, do a proper market analysis about the potential of the tourism industry in the area. A small guesthouse would cater to sightseeing guests, families on vacation etc. You could go online to check travel sites to find out destinations which vacationers prefer to frequent. Once you narrow down a few locations, you can start looking for properties.

Research other hotels in the area

If you want to run a successful guesthouse, you will need to be aware of the competition. Visit other guesthouses and small hotels to find out what they offer guests as well as their weak points. You will need to make your hotel stand out from the rest to attract guests. Find out what could make your hotel unique. You should also find out what your competing hotels charge their guests. Rates however are not everything. Most guests prefer a decent hotel with excellent services to a cheap one with low standards. Read customer reviews online to find out how you can offer a better service.

Make a plan

Once you know the type of experience you can offer to create your own brand of hospitality, budget carefully to offer the amenities needed. You should aim for comfort, ease and privacy to offer your guest a memorable experience.


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