Quick Fire Guide To Starting A Boutique Hotel Business in Sri Lanka

A Luxury 5 Bedroom Beach Villa

How to start a successful hotel business from villas in Sri Lanka

If you?ve been on the lookout for villas for sale in Sri Lanka, you are most likely going to be looking for practical ways to make turn your future investment into a revenue maker. One of the best ways is to turn your new villa into a boutique hotel. Here is a brief guide to help you get started with your new venture.

Find a good location for your villa or hotel.

The location of your hotel is going to be one of the key factors of success. You should research tourist trends, the long-term appeal of the location and other hotels in the area. You have a better chance of attracting guests if you can offer something that other hotels in the area cannot. Look for a villa that provides easy access to tourist attractions in the area as well as other necessary facilities. But don?t compromise on other aspects such as privacy, comfort and beauty. However, all this depends on your target market.

You’ll need sufficient capital to get started

You?ll need sufficient funds to start your hotel and run it well before it pays off in profits. Bank loans are the most effective way of obtaining cash reserves to start your hotel business. Banks require a well-prepared and realistic business plan to issue a business loan. Prepare a powerful fiscal plan before you approach banks or other financial institutions.

Come up with a good strategy and stick to it

A well-defined strategy can help you carve out your own market. Don?t let too many ideas sway you. Stay at as many hotels in the area as you can to figure out what you can offer that they cannot. Make sure it is something that tourists will find appealing. It could be something as simple as more privacy or entirely different hospitality experience. Once you zero in on your unique selling point, build a sound strategy to execute and market it. Stick to your strategy to pursue success.

Listen to your customers

Make it a point to listen to your customers. If they have any legitimate complaints, take immediate actions to address those.


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