Food to Try While on Your Villa Holiday in Sri Lanka

Food to Try While on Your Villa Holiday in Sri Lanka

While many travellers to Sri Lanka know of the island for its fantastic beaches and elephants, not too many have delved into its cuisine. Those holidaying in Villas in Sri Lanka, will no doubt acquaint themselves with its delicacies onsite itself as many places offer in-house chefs. However, for those who like to roam around and discover the island’s cuisine in its natural setting, our short guide below sets out all the essential dishes.

Sri Lankan Delicacies Not to Be Missed While on Your Villa Holiday

Ambul Thiyal Curry (Sour Fish Curry)

While seafood is abundant throughout the island, fish ambul thiyal curry is perhaps one of the most traditional fish curries that is cooked in the island. Fish such as tuna is cut into pieces and then left to marinade in a good mix of healthy spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, and curry leaves. The secret ingredient ofcourse, is the use of the dried fruit called goraka which is responsible for giving the curry its mild sour taste. Even though it falls into the curry category, the dish is essentially a dry curry. Here, the liquid has been simmered till all the spicy goodness has been absorbed into the meat of the fish. The dish is best eaten with either rice or string hoppers.


An endearing Sri Lankan streetfood, Kottu is often eaten by locals as a midnight snack or even as an evening meal. Travellers who venture to savour some kottu should be warned as the preparation of the dish can be quite noisy. Any little roadside eatery will prepare kottu, which is somewhat simillar to fried rice except that godamba (a type of roti) is used instead. Once an order for Kottu has been made the chef will begin chopping the vegetables and cooked meats on a surface using two sharp metal plates. The mixing of the ingredients along with the kottu happens simultaneously, albeit a bit noisily too but the end result will be worth the wait.

Parippu (Dhal Curry)

Dhal curry or rather ?parippu? known by locals is a staple in every Sri Lankan household. Especially when vegetables are in short supply, it is not uncommon for a dhal curry to be prepared instead. The lentils are boilt with saffron, curry leaves and onion and then a dose of thick coconut milk is added after the boilt mixture is tempered. The coconut milk helps bring out the flavours of the spices and is best eaten with either rice, bread or even a roti.


If travellers to the island have little time to savour its cuisine, one dish that should certainly not be overlooked is the Lamprais. ?Stemming from the Dutch Burgher community, the lamprais is a parcel of rice, ?a spicy meat mix with sambols wrapped up in a banana leaf. The rice is cooked in meat stock while the mixed meat portion includes either beef, lamb or pork. The dish is quite popular among the Burgher community, and as such make sure to have one at the Dutch Burgher Union that serves the authentic kind.

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