Villas in Sri Lanka: How to Buy One for Yourself

Villas in Sri Lanka: How to Buy One for Yourself

How to Buy a Villa in Sri Lanka

With Sri Lanka being ranked as the next best destination to visit by popular travel advisories it?s no wonder that many expats are looking to purchase Villas in Sri Lanka. Buying a house is an investment but it?s a big decision to make, so treading carefully and making sure you have the right information is vital. As such, our short guide below sets out some key point to keep in mind before jumping into the deep end.

Scouting Around for the Best Property Deals

Prior to buying a property in Sri Lanka one needs to do a bit of research first to figure out which locality would be ideal. One would also need to figure out the cost of properties in the area and also what sort of properties are up for sale. Whether it?s a family home you?re looking into purchasing or a holiday home, one needs to start off with some research. There are plenty of online property websites that offer an idea of what type of properties to expect and for what price. Browsing and making inquiries is the best place to start.

Get in Touch With the Seller or Agent for More Information

Once you find a house that you would like to purchase, get in touch with the advertiser or the agent involved in selling the house. If it happens to be an agent that is selling the house then do some research before hand on the firm. It is usually the reputed firms that offer the most accurate information.

Inspect the House for Yourself

Once you have settled on the type of house you would like to buy its always best to have an inspection for yourself. Pictures can be deceiving and may not resemble aspects of the property you viewed online. So it?s always best to have an inspection in person to see that it meets your requirements.

Make Contact With a Lawyer

Before you begin the process of purchasing a property you would need to make contact with a lawyer who specializes in land matters. Prior to signing the dotted line have your lawyer go over the land deeds to make sure that it has been clearly set out. This investment in time will save you a lot of trouble later on so make sure to have a legal opinion before making any decisions.

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