Understanding Lanka?s Endemic Species

Understanding Lanka?s Endemic Species

Amazing Animals You Cannot Afford to Ignore in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to some amazing species of animals that are not seen in any other part of the world. ?Nature lovers to this part of South Asia will find the country?s four legged species as fascinating as the two legged kind. The best part is that travellers get to see these animals in their natural habitat and not through a cage of a zoo. So what kind of animals can you expect? Read our short guide for more information on the critters that inhabit this amazing island.

Sri Lankan Elephants

Elephants in Sri Lanka hold a special place in the country?s culture. Delve into any souvenir store and perhaps the most reproduced figure would be an elephant. However, the elephants found in Sri Lanka belong to one of three types of Asian elephants. These sacred animals are not only majestic but they also figure heavily in annual pageants conducted in temples to bear the casket of the sacred tooth relic. Elephants can often be seen in the country?s national parks, especially the Minneriya National Park where the ritualistic elephant gathering takes place every year.


In Sri Lanka, it is considered a sign of luck or fortune to be able to spot a leopard in the wild. These creatures are solitary beings, however, the females do come out with their young from time to time. As Sri Lanka?s parks do not have tigers or lions, leopards sit right at the top of the food chain. ?Spotting a leopard in the wild takes some patience and perseverance, but when you do, they are a beauty to behold.


Peacocks are endemic to Sri Lanka as well as India. These beautiful creatures are considered sacred by those of the Hindu faith. Often the birds with the brightest plumage are those that are photographed in magazines. Incidentally it is the males that have the more colourful feathers to attract the females. If you are really lucky some hotels keep peacocks in their gardens. However, if you want to snap them in their natural habitat then head out to Yala National Park.

Grey Hornbill

Another unique species that is native to the country is the Grey Hornbill. ?While the bird is part of the Hornbill family the fact that its beak is quite unique and unlike others in the family is what sets it apart. The local hornbills are born without the characteristics top part of its beak.

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