Travel Guides Sri Lanka – What to Explore

Travel Guides Sri Lanka

Rich in wildlife, sublime beaches, inspiring historic sites and scope for adventure Sri Lanka is an affordable treasure trove for travellers. Our travel guides Sri Lanka will help you choose your own adventure from the host of wildlife parks, beach destinations and historical tours available.

Travel Guides Sri Lanka

  • Wildlife tours
  • Historical attractions
  • Beach Destinations

Wildlife Adventures

If you are rather keen on elephants, Udawalawe national park is one of the best places to see these majestic creatures roam free. But, the elephant gathering that takes place in Minneriya National Park during the dry season ( July ? September) just might top the list. Most travel guides Sri Lanka will advise you to visit Yala National Park where you can find the largest leopard population in the country.

Historical Tours

The Sigiriya rock fortress is probably the most awe-inspiring historical site in Sri Lanka. It was a commissioned by King Kashyapa who loved art and wished to lead a luxurious lifestyle. On top of the colossal rock you will see an ancient landscaped water garden. Polonnaruwa which thousands of years ago was ancient Sri Lanka?s second capital is a region of historic artificial reservoirs that amazingly still function as well as some unique granite carvings. Both these sites have made it to the UNESCO world heritage list. Don?t forget to explore the Dambulla cave temples and the ruins of a vast network of temples and palaces.

Beach Days

Choosing your beach destinations in Sri Lanka depends on your preference. If you want to spend a relaxing beach holiday, go to Mirissa where you can find tranquility, fresh seafood, comfortable accommodation and even some light surfing opportunities. If you visit Mirissa between November and April, don?t forget to go whale and dolphin watching. Arugam Bay on the other hand is where you can engage in some hard core surfing from May to September. If you want to look for an off the beaten path beach go to Thambapanni beach not too far away from the Willpattu National Park or the lesser known Madiha beach in southern Sri Lanka.

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