Travel Guides Sri Lanka – Soulful Journeys

Travel Guides Sri Lanka

Surrounded by turquoise hues of the ocean and laden with patches of greenery, Sri Lanka invites travellers to discover a soulful journey. Use our travel guides Sri Lanka to discover some of the country?s enchanting destinations.

Travel Guides Sri Lanka

  • Where to go in Galle
  • Wildlife attractions
  • Train ride from Kandy to Ella

Explore Galle

You would find that a number of Travel Guides Sri Lanka recommend Galle as a top destination to visit during your holiday to the island nation. They are not wrong as the entire city and the surrounding are rather captivating. Explore Galle Fort to admire its colonial architecture, the pleasing blue-green of the Indian Ocean and the cobbled pathways that lead to charming restaurants, antique and jewelry shops and quaint caf?s. If you leave the city and go further inside about 35 kilometers northwest, you can visit the Kanneliya Forest which is one of the last remaining rainforests in the country.

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Wildlife Encounters

A number of National Parks provide shelter to Elephants, leopards, birds, the spotted deer, sloth bear and an infinite number of wildlife in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park holds the highest number of leopards. Wilpattu National Park is a haven for a thriving population of large beasts as well as reptiles and birds. The number of ?Willus?, sand-rimmed rainwater holes scattered around the park make it an ideal home for many eco-systems to co-exist.

Take a Train Ride From Kandy to Ella

A train ride from Kandy to Ella is one the most scenic train journeys you will ever take. Your train will chug through a multitude of bridges and tunnels and take you across pleasantly green tea plantations, waterfalls, picture-perfect villages and mountain views. You should, however, buy your train tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. If you buy a first-class ? observation car, you can travel in the comfort of an air-conditioned carriage that offers a clear view of the passing loveliness. But if you wish to open the windows and take a closer look at the scenery, you should buy a second class ticket.

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