Tips To Buy The Perfect Vacation Home

Tips To Buy The Perfect Holiday Home

Choosing The Best Properties For Sale In Sri Lanka

If your dream of owning a holiday home on the sunny island of Sri Lanka is almost a reality, here are tips to buy the perfect holiday home. Our best advice, on what to look for when checking those exotic coastal properties for sale in Sri Lanka!

The Most Important Tip To Consider Before Buying A Holiday Home Is How Much Maintenance Will Cost!

Consider the costs of maintaining a holiday home. After all you will then be upkeeping two homes. Maintenance costs include paying property tax, spending on sudden repairs and the general upkeep of the property. 

Check out our portfolio of properties for sale in Galle, one of the islands most popular locations to buy a holiday home, explore the price range and consider your spending power. You must have enough money set aside for maintenance costs after the initial purchase.??

Once you choose a holiday villa in Galle, get an inspection of the site done, for a rough estimate of renovation costs. Pearl Sri Lanka lists the best properties in Galle, ensuring you get a good deal every time.

How Accessible Is The Beach Villa?

If you buy a beach villa in Galle, consider this. How close is the beach, are area attractions and restaurants easy to reach and how is the access route to the holiday home? As a property management agency, we know what customers look for, hence our villas are carefully chosen to include all conveniences.

Potential To Rent Your Holiday Villa In Galle

Yes, renting out your holiday home should be part of the plan. Earning an income from your dream property will help with maintenance. Consider the costs involved, as landlord you need to spend on cleaning and maintenance. Since coastal properties in Sri Lanka earn a high rent, you can cover costs easily. Do contact us today, we can help you find the perfect vacation home in Sri Lanka and help with renovations, as well as, renting out your holiday villa.

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