Villas in Sri Lanka: Things to Do in Mirissa

Villas in Sri Lanka: Things to Do in Mirissa

The cozy beach of Mirissa is ideal for a tranquil escape from the mundane. A number of some of the most comfortable villas in Sri Lanka have sprung up around the area to accommodate tourists.

Mirissa Beach

  • Mirissa beach
  • Water sports
  • Whale watching

The Beach

The crescent shaped curve of Mirissa beach invites visitors to spend a few days of blissful relaxation. You can find some of the most picturesque beach villas in Sri Lanka in Mirissa. The beach itself is clean and the coconut palm trees add a touch of green to the vast blueness that seems to stretch towards infinity. You can either find a beach chair or lie down on the soft sand to sun bathe. A little further away from the main beach, there is a small rock, perfect for climbing up to gaze at the incredible scenery.

Water Sports

The waves in Mirissa are perfect for beginners and intermediate level surfers. You can rent a surf board for about Rs 350 (around 2 USD). Regular surfers in Mirissa seem perfectly content with the break point. You could hire some snorkeling gear at the beach to go explore the nearby reef. You?ll most probably be able to spot turtles swimming in the waters and small fish.

Whale Watching

The whale watching season in Mirissa lasts from November to May. You will most probably be able to spot a couple of whales and pods of frolicking dolphins. Sometimes schools of flying fish join their massive neighbours in on the fun. Remember to book your whale watching tour with a responsible agent to avoid being exploited. A reputed tour whale watching tour organizer will care about the wellbeing of whales and dolphins as much as they care about profits. Apart from famous blue whales, Mirissa provides a safe haven for sperm whales and fin whales.

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