Stay in villas in Sri Lanka: To Explore The Fascinating and Mythical Place: Rumassala

The Fascinating and Mythical Place:Rumassala

Rumassala is a hillock nestled in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Located just outside of the Galle harbour it is home to sandy beaches, lush greenery, and magnificent coral reefs. To explore this mysterious mountain you can get luxury villas for rent near Galle.

The Tale of Rumassala

Rumassala is a fascinating and enigmatic place that is enclosed in so much folklore. According to the Ramayana, Rumassala is a part of the Himalayas. As per the legend, during the battle between King Ravana and King Rama the latter’s brother was injured. Hindu God Hanuman was sent to bring back an herb from the Himalayas that could cure him. Since Hanuman forgot the name of the medicine it is believed that he carried part of the mountain. The fragment is said to have broken into five sections during his journey and Rumassala is one of them. The fascinating thing about these stories is that medicinal plants still grow in Rumassala. And the vegetation here shows a major contrast to the surrounding areas. When you stay in villas in Sri Lanka you get a chance to explore this fascinating mountain. 

Explore More of Rumassala

There is a Buddhist temple on the top of the hill, which is called the Peace Pagoda. There is a statue dedicated to Hanuman on the mountain, which show that the legend is being carried forward. Serving as a beacon of peace for people of all nationalities, the white bell-shaped structure surrounded by gold-painted statues exemplifies its purpose. Visible from the Unawatuna beach and upon climbing the Rumassala hill the view of the pagoda is pretty impressive. There is a staircase that goes around the pagoda and you find four Buddha statues around it. Each of these statues signifies the three most significant occasions of Buddha’s life. These include the birth of Prince Siddhartha, his enlightenment as Buddha and his attainment of Parinibbana. When you are on the stairway the view from above is magnificent, you get a full view of Unawatuna’s beautiful stretch of sea.

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