Stay At Villas In Sri Lanka: To Experience The 3 Best Surf Breaks In Southern Sri Lanka

Best Surf Breaks In Southern Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a surfer’s paradise. The azure waters, warm weather, and waves make it one of the best-surfing destinations in the world. There are villas in Sri Lanka to stay for those who want to take a surfing holiday in the country. Here are three popular surf breaks in the south of sunny Lanka. 

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach is the ideal place for scenic views and great waves. Depending on the tide you can decide how you want to ride the waves. The reef break here is quite sharp. It’s important to pay attention when the tide becomes low, you may want to hold onto that wave but sometimes it’s good to get away when it’s safe. If you love surfing, it’s not surprising if you start looking for villas in Sri Lanka for sale

Best Time for a Surf Holiday in Mirissa

Mirissa beach is a year-round surf spot. There are times when the tide is too small but on average, the waves are pretty good. The best time to surf is early in the morning or at sunset. That’s when the scenery is at its best. 

Weligama Beach

Weligama Bay sits right in the middle of southern Sri Lanka. It’s a surfer’s hub since there are waves that work all year round. The tide break at Weligama is ideal for beginners. It gets crowded in some breaks in Weligama but you’ll meet many other surfing enthusiasts here. 

Surf Holiday Whenever you want

Weligama Bay is a year-round surfing spot. You can surf whenever you pass that way. 

Midigama Beach

There are two surf breaks at the Midigama beach – lazy left and lazy right. Lazy left is best for intermediate or advanced level surfers. The waves are predictable so it’s not bad for a beginner as well. 

Anytime Surf Holiday Spot

This too is a year-round surf spot. The evenings get crowded here if you want to avoid the crowd goes in the morning.

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