Stay At Villas In Sri Lanka: Explore The Top Things To Do In The South

The Top Things To Do In The South

Sri Lanka?s south coast is one of the top tourist hubs in the country. Real estate agents in Sri Lanka will assist you to find villas to stay during your holiday in the country. 

Safari at Bundala National Park 

One of Sri Lanka?s top bird watching destinations, Bundala National park is truly a bio-diverse paradise. The foremost national park in Sri Lanka to be affirmed a Ramsar site; this is a very important coastal wetland area. Rich in birdlife and home to various species Bundala National park is a wildlife park that the whole family can visit. 

Visit the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum

Martin Wickramasinghe is one of the most respected Sinhala writers in Sri Lanka. The folk museum showcases his early work, hand written manuscripts as well as artifacts related to his passions. 

Beach Vacation in Bentota

Endless strips of sandy beaches, soft sound of waves lapping and the tropical sun shining down ? the southern coast of sunny Sri Lanka is the ideal beach holiday destination.  Out of the many towns and cities located in this coastal ribbon, many favour Bentota for a beach holiday. Two to three hours away from the city of Colombo, Bentota can be accessed easily from any mode of transport. The town is mostly dominated by high-end hotels catering to both the local and international travellers;

Pay Homage to the Kalutara Bodhiya

The Kalutara Bodhiya is a Buddhist Temple located in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. It is a hallowed and magnificent landmark on the Galle Road where those travelling to and fro from the South compellingly stopover to pay there respects by way of offering and worship. This sacred temple is located on the estuary of the Kalu River in the town of Kalutara. The massive Dagoba and Bo tree that spreads out and stands at a great height is visible from a vast distance. Unlike the many other dagobas in the country, here at the Kalutara Bodhiya you can enter the dagoba. The temple is located about 40km from Colombo and approximately 80km if you are coming from Galle.

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