Villas in Sri Lanka: Secrets of Mirissa

Villas in Sri Lanka: Secrets of Mirissa

A tranquil beach, great restaurants and some of the most beautiful villas in Sri Lanka, make Mirissa a soulful holiday destination. There is so much to do in Mirissa but an air of tranquility prevails at all times in the area.

Secret Beach

While the main beach in Mirissa is pretty awesome in itself, the secret beach offers an even more enchanting experience for an hour or two. All you have to do is follow the hand painted signs from the harbour to find secret beach. It is great for snorkeling but be careful of sea urchins. There is sandy cove and a rocky cove separated by an outcrop of rocks. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset at the secret beach and the good news is it is located not too far away from some of the most beautiful villas in Sri Lanka. Don?t forget to capture some of the charming scenery to take back home.

Parrot Rock

A little off the main Mirissa beach, there is a small rock with a splendid view of the area. You can walk through the salty waters to reach the rock. But be careful when you do and avoid going to the rock during high tide.

Coconut Tree Grove

The coconut palm grove is located just about 30 minutes away from the main beach. This is possibly the best place to catch a sunset. You can access the grove through one of the restaurants or simply walk through the shallows.


Not so much of a secret but Mirissa is a good place to start if you want to learn to surf. The best time for surfing in Mirissa is between the months of October to March. Regular surfers are happy with the point breaks and the waves.

Whale Watching

Mirissa is actually famous for whale spotting. Endangered blue whales thrive in the waters near Mirissa from November to May. You will also be able to spot sperm whales, fin whales and dolphins at sea.

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