Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Starting an Airbnb Business

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Starting an Airbnb business

How to start an Airbnb business ? Properties for sale in Sri Lank

Article Heading ? How to start an Airbnb business ? Properties for sale in Sri Lank

Opening up your home to guests on Airbnb is a great way to make an additional income. With tourism booming in the country, some investors have even begun to look for properties for sale in Sri Lanka to exclusively run Airbnb businesses. Airbnbs provide convenience for both owners renters. Here is a guide to help you start your own Airbnb business.

Figure out whether it is the right fit for you

If you are renting out your home, you should be comfortable with talking to guests anytime during the day. Alternately, you could rent out an entire property on Airbnb. But, you?ll have to hire someone to clean the house and keep things in order in between guest.

The process

Airbnb rentals are in high demand at the moment. As soon as you register with Airbnb as a host, you?ll start to get requests from visitors who are interested in renting your space. You will have to focus on managing rental requests, talking to potential guests and making sure that your rental space is clean and comfortable and above all welcoming.

Attracting guests

You should put up good pictures of your rental space on Airbnb and list out all the pros and even the potential cons about it. Make sure the pictures are clear and portray a realistic picture of your space. You don?t want to surprise your guests. You should research about similar rental spaces in your area and find out what guest actually need. Regularly clean your rental space and fill it up with modern amenities. You can also list nearby attractions as well. Give all the information guests will need upfront. Once they arrive, be courteous and helpful without being intrusive.

Making money

Your renters will most probably pay a daily rental fee. You could also opt to charge different rates for weekdays and weekends and even an increased rate for extended days.


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