Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Green building Solutions

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Green building solutions

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Benefits of green buildings

Climate change has already begun to have an impact on almost every industry across the globe. Real estate business is no different. With the tourism industry progressing and other factors falling in to place, Sri Lanka?s property market too is developing. Out of numerous properties for sale in Sri Lanka, those that plan on building green will stand out from the rest.

Green buildings

Green buildings are designed and built in an environmentally friendly manner.  A resource efficient way of maintaining the buildings ensure a minimal impact on natural resources.  To qualify as green or sustainable buildings, these constructions must follow approved criteria and obtain globally recognized certification such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). If you?ve invested in a property that has been built according to internationally accepted green building standards, you can list the certification as credentials to increase the building?s value. As more people become aware of sustainability and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, investing in green buildings is a wise move.

Higher returns

A higher price premium is added to green buildings when compared to more conventional buildings. This effectively guarantees higher returns on investment.  Green accreditation also increases occupancy rates as more tenants are willing to live in sustainably managed buildings.

Cost efficiency

The initial cost of investments is higher for green buildings. However, in the long run, energy efficiency and conserving water resources significantly bring down the maintenance cost. Generally, LEED certified buildings save an average of 20 to 25 percent in energy costs annually. In a tropical country such as Sri Lanka, the use of photovoltaic solar panels gives investors an opportunity to sell energy back to suppliers. Green building technologies enable higher living qualities through better ventilation and the use of natural light. Therefore, investors can justifiably charge a higher rental from tenants.


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