Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Running a Successful Airbnb Business

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Running a successful Airbnb business

How to run a your Airbnb business successfully – Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka

The recent boom in tourism in the country has given rise to the number of investors looking for properties for sale in Sri Lanka. A large number of those properties are ideal for starting an Airbnb business. Running a successful Airbnb takes some work. Here is a brief guide to help you manage your rental space well.

Post good photographs

If you can post up to 10 clear and attractive photographs of your space, you?ll find out that more potential guests will contact you. The photographs should be well-lit and capture the character and the amenities of the place without exaggerating. You could consider hiring a professional photographer. If not, make sure that you take the photographs when the room is well-lit. Early afternoon is a good time to capture pictures of your space. Tidy up the place before you take photographs. Put the toilet seats down and tuck in the bed covers.

Dedicate time to make it a success

You need to stay committed to your project to see good results. Be sure to dedicate a part of your day online, interacting with guests. You need to reduce the waiting time for guests. Don?t keep them waiting. Be prepared to pay attention to notifications consistently. Make it a point to respond immediately to queries.


You can charge a cleaning fee for short stays. It is advisable to hire a cleaning crew to give the place a thorough spruce up frequently. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and mould free. Empty the garbage and unload the dishwasher f you?ve installed one.

Pay attention to the little things

Seemingly insignificant details such as a well-stocked kitchen (with tea, coffee etc) can go a long way in making your guests feel at home. Stock your bathroom with clean towels, shampoo and face wash. Have some board games, books and DVDs in the living area.


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