Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Real Estate Partnerships

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Real estate partnerships

Starting a real estate business through a partnership

Starting a real estate business with a partner is likely to be profitable. With so many valuable properties for sale in Sri Lanka, this is perhaps a good time to look into a partnership. However, there are various aspects you should consider before going ahead with a partnership to invest in properties.

When to consider a real estate partnership

A real estate partner will provide you with the resources you lack. If you?ve got the money to invest but no knowledge of the business, a partner with industry knowledge will help you set up a profitable business. On the other hand if you are well versed in the real estate business but don?t have the means to invest, you should look for someone who is looking to invest their money in properties. One of the plus points of real estate partnerships is that you split the risk two ways. For example, if you are in a 50/50 partnership, any losses you incur will be divided between you and the partner as will the profits. That type of loss is easier to manage and you will be able to restore your business faster.

If you don?t have enough connections to make your property investment business work, pooling together a network with a partner is a good way to start and grow.

The downsides

One of the main cons in a real estate partnership is that you will have to split the profits. Before you go into the partnership, you should consider how to split the profits. This mainly depends on your share in the partnership. The other downside is that you will have to take your partner?s opinions into consideration whenever you want to make a decision. Don?t go into a partnership if you are not ready to manage differences in opinion. In order to avoid potential conflicts, make sure that both you and your partner are clear about each other?s aspirations.


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