Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Brief guide to Airbnb Hosting

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Brief guide to Airbnb hosting

Getting started as an Airbnb host – Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka

Airbnb rentals are a popular choice for short stays in Sri Lanka amongst travellers. If you?ve been looking for properties for sale in Sri Lanka to rent those out on Airbnb, our brief guide will help you get started.

Take it slowly

Don?t rush into straightaway enabling instant booking on your property or home. Once you register on Airbnb, make a list without publishing it. Create your account and post clear, attractive photos of your rental space. Add a good description and all the necessary information. Take your time before you publish the listing and go live. At first, just talk to a few potential customers. You don?t have to accept guests if you don?t feel comfortable. When you are ready, accept the first guest.


Make sure listing contains all the information. Be honest about your rental space. If you lie, reviews will get you in trouble later. Provide as many verifications as you can (Facebook, LinkedIN etc.). This will assure your potential guest that you are a real person who means business. Have a friendly picture on your profile, preferably one with taken with your significant other. Such pictures make you look more approachable. Don?t promise the world to your guests when they ask for information. But once they arrive over perform. Be courteous and helpful but let them have their privacy.

Tips for the photo shoot

Guests are going to look at pictures of your rental space before they pick you. You should upload carefully selected, well-lit pictures to attract guest. Open the curtains before you take pictures and tidy up your space. Put the toilet seat down before you take pictures of the bathroom. Remove all personal belongings and only keep flowers and d?cor, if you intend to leave those behind when the guests arrive. Include a picture of your street. Make all pictures look appealing but don?t try to deceive guests. Your success will depend on honest reviews.


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