Packing List for Galle ? Villas in Sri Lanka

Packing List for Galle ? Villas in Sri Lanka

What to pack for Galle

What to pack for a visit to Galle

Protection from the sun
Clothes that cover knees and arms
Walking shoes and a refillable water bottle

A visit to south coast?s most diverse city where you?ll find some of the most picturesque villas in Sri Lanka call for a short but precise packing list. Here is a brief guide to help you pack for a visit to Galle.

Protect yourself

Galle is sunny and warm. You will need to pack sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses to guard against those fierce rays of sunshine as you explore Galle. Don?t forget to pack your lip balm too if you wish to avoid cracked lips. As in any tropical clime, there will be mosquitoes in Galle, out for your blood. Pack a good brand of mosquito repellent. You will of course be able to buy all these things in Galle itself but the shops and supermarkets may not carry your preferred brands.

?Clothes That Cover Knees and Arms

You can dress lightly and wear tank tops and shorts when you travel in Galle except when you visit religious sites. Most temples and mosques require visitors to cover their knees and arms out of respect for the sacred site. Simply pack a long sleeved kurta top and a shawl. You can take a knee-length skirt to slip into before you visit a cultural site. If you are a guy, make sure that you have a shirt or even a t shirt on hand to slip on when needed. If you forget to take more conservative clothes when you visit a temple, they will provide a sarong to cover yourself up.

Walking Shoes and a Refillable Water Bottle

For a stroll on the beach, a pair of flip-flops will suffice. But when you go exploring further or plan to walk a lot, you should wear lightweight walking shoes. Remember to break them in before you leave home to avoid blisters. Galle is your typical tropical town with its inherent beauty and humidity. Staying hydrated therefore is important. Take a refillable water bottle to make sure you always have a ready supply of H2O.


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