Luxury Villas in Sri Lanka: 5 Reasons To Choose A Holiday Villa Instead Of A Hotel

Benefits Of A Villa Holiday

There are tons of hotels out there but there comes a time when you want something better than a hotel room ? that?s when you need to book luxury villas in Sri Lanka. Find out the reasons why you should choose a holiday villa instead of a hotel. 

Freedom at The Villa

Staying in a holiday villa gives you the privacy and intimacy that a hotel cannot. If you want to catch up on work during the holiday then you will have comfortable spaces in a holiday villa. If you are in a hotel you will have to work in the hotel room or lobby.  

The Comfort of your Own Villa

When you stay in a holiday home you get certain comforts of your own villa. There are certain essentials that you cannot find in a hotel room, which is readily available in holiday villa. For example if you need a knife to cut a fruit you can walk into the kitchen and find it in a drawer ? just like at home. Holiday homes are equipped with extra blankets, towels and event certain food essentials. 

Located Closer to Locals

Holiday homes are usually located closer to the locality. Unlike when you are inside a hotel, in a holiday home you can blend in with the local community. The local fruit and veggie stalls, fishmongers or the small-secluded beach, which you can reach on foot. If you stay closer to the local culture in sunny Lanka you will start looking for villas in Sri Lanka for sale

Value for Money

There is a misconception that renting a villa is expensive. But when you compare the rates of a luxury hotel you often realize that it saves lot of money. If you are travelling in a large group then the value for your money is much higher than staying in a villa.

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