Is Sri Lanka Safe to Travel to? It?s time to book your holiday

Is Sri Lanka Safe to Travel to?

Following the Easter Sunday attacks which caught Sri Lanka unaware, British vacationers have now been told they can return to holidaying in the island. The British Foreign Office was one among many countries that quickly revised its advisory regarding the island. For Britons and other holidaymakers unsure of whether to go ahead and rebook their holidays read our guide on why it?s the best time to travel to Sri Lanka

Is Sri Lanka Safe to Travel to?

Why Travel to Sri Lanka ?

Brimming with its lush greenery and its gorgeous beaches with properties right on the coastline, there has never been a better time to visit the country than now. There is a reason that Lonely Planet named the country its destination of the year. Now is the time that the people of this little island need your support to boost its tourism and give its economy a kick start.

Holiday Bargains are a plenty – Book Villas in Sri Lanka for less

This won?t last for long but right now you can book villas in Sri Lanka between July and October for less than during the main tourist season in the South Coast which runs from November to March. Many luxury villas offering fantastic deals so now is the perfect time to travel to Sri Lanka for less. Many tour operators have also slashed prices drastically in a bid to encourage tourists back and it?s working. Who wouldn?t want to unwind in relaxing surroundings by the beach at virtually half the price of your previous holiday. So hurry up before all the good deals run out.

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Flights are cheaper than ever

Right now you can fly direct to Sri Lanka with Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates and Qatar for under ?550 return and flights from Australia range from $600 – 800 AUD return. Add in your discounted villa, discounted day tours, and flights and you?re winning.

What do I need to know when travelling to Sri Lanka

From hotels to tourist operators the country has beefed up its security and is always mindful of looking after its tourists. Security checks at hotels and public places have been put in place. In addition, the government has brought in fresh regulations regarding face coverings. 

A ban has been enforced to prevent those from wearing clothing or other items like helmets that would prevent security personnel from identifying individuals. So be mindful of these new regulations. On arrival visas have been withdrawn as a security measure. So check with your travel agent regarding the necessary travel documents.

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