How to Find a Property Manager in Sri Lanka

How to Find a Property Manager in Sri Lanka

Hiring a property manager to look after your property in Sri Lanka is a big decision. You will need to look for a person of integrity and experience. Here is a guide that can help you find a reliable property manager.

Look for Reference From Several Sources

You should ask friends and acquaintances or other property owners to recommend a few individuals and property managing companies depending on the size of your property and your specific needs. Make a list of property managers based on such recommendations. Be sure to ask other property owners if they are happy with the services of the recommended individuals or companies. Sometimes, referrals can be made based on personal preference. You could get a more objective overview of potential property managers if you get referrals from a number of sources.

Find Out How They Manage Actual Properties

Speak to tenants at the actual properties that the property managers on your list manage. Ask the tenants if their complaints are addressed and how long the property managers take to complete maintenance work and if the building is well kept and clean. You could also read a few ads that these property managers have published. Property managers who use professional ads that are free of discriminatory statements are more likely to conduct themselves in the same vein once you hire them.

Interview a Few Property Managers

However, it is more important to meet potential property managers face to face and make your own assessments. Here are a few questions you could ask them.

  • Is property management your full time job?
  • What type of properties have you managed so far?
  • How many properties are you managing at the moment?
  • If I hire you how would you allocate time to manage my property along with your other properties?

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