Villas in Sri Lanka: How to Enjoy Mirissa

Villas in Sri Lanka: How to Enjoy Mirissa

Mirissa beach is laid back, clean and enchanting not to mention that it is near some of the most beautiful villas in Sri Lanka. Travellers can easily spend a few days in Mirissa without breaking the bank.

Where to Eat

Home of the best villas in Sri Lanka, there are plenty of good restaurants in Mirissa too. If you want to try some authentic sweet or savoury, Sri Lankan roti, visit the Dewmini Roti Shop. It is about 5 minutes away from the beach and if you are interested, they also offer cookery classes. The Zephyr Restaurant & Bar offers good food, amazing cocktails and music to wind down after a day at the beach. If you fancy some sushi while you are in Mirissa, go to the Little Tuna Sushi caf?.

Spa Time

A beach holiday is about indulgence. You can visit the Secret Root Spa to find a blissful escape in the hands of professional massage therapists. They use locally sourced herbs and traditional techniques to provide a restful experience to clients. Badora spa offers Ayurvedic spa treatment in a peaceful ambiance. ?Ahasya spa has been around for a while. You can expect professional treatment and soothing music to help you relax.

Sunset and Drinks

Mirissa beach is enchanting enough to beckon you to spend an entire day swimming, snorkeling and even surfing. If you?re lucky, you might be able to swim with turtles. Admittedly, this does not happen often. You can climb the Parrot rock near the beach to catch an expansive glimpse of the surrounding and visit the palm grove for stunning photo opportunities. But remember to avoid going to either of these places during high tide. Once dusk approaches, you can still stay at the beach and order a few drinks (fairly inexpensive) from one of beach bars and watch the sun go down. Unlike the nightlife in Hikkaduwa which tends to be energetic, Mirissa offers a mellower environment.

Stay Here & Enjoy Mirissa:


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