How to Enjoy a Trip to Galle

How to enjoy a trip to Galle

Discover Galle ? Villas in Sri Lanka

Guide to Galle

The Dutch Fort
Cycling the countryside
Cook with locals

Galle beckons visitors to discover its stunning coasts, pleasantly green country side, cultural heritage and stay at some of the best villas in Sri Lanka. Here is a list of things to do in Galle.

Stroll Along the Galle Dutch Fort

The Galle Dutch Fort is a UNESCO heritage site. Initially built by the Portuguese, the Dutch improved the fort and left behind their unmistakable signature. Take a stroll along the rampart early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun?s harshest rays. The fort overlooks the vast blueness of the Indian Ocean. ?Much of the buildings and houses inside the fortress have been built in the Dutch colonial style. The cobblestoned streets and the tiled rooftops create a pretty picture. Along these streets, you?ll find numerous restaurants selling artisan food as well as rather inventive dishes alongside boutique stores and antique shops.

Cycle Along the Greenery

Rent bicycles or sign up for a cycling tour to explore Galle?s pictersque countryside. You?ll pedal by pale green or golden paddy fields depending on the season, shaded streets, village homes and small lakes. If you cycle far enough, you?ll pass through low country tea plantations. Take a break from cycling to drink fresh and subtly sweet king coconut water to quench your thirst. In fact, make it a point to stay hydrated on your cycle ride through Galle?s countryside.

Cook with Locals

The building blocks of Sri Lankan cuisine are mainly rice, coconut, various spices, curry leaves, pandan leaves, fiery chili, Malabar tamarind and Maldive fish (bonito tuna flakes). ?Each meal include plenty of fresh vegetables, some protein, ?mallum? (stir fried edible leaves) and starch in the form of rice, string hoppers, hoppers or sometimes bread or roti. You can start the cooking experience with a visit to the local market to buy fresh vegetables, herbs and some silvery fish still gleaming. The Galle fish and vegetable markets offer a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Once you finish cooking, tuck into your own Sri Lankan meal with relish.



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