How to be a Good Airbnb Host – Buying Villas in Sri Lanka

How to be a good Airbnb host

Rules for being a good Airbnb host – Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka

If you?ve been looking for properties for sale in Sri Lanka with the intention of renting those places to tourists, you cannot go wrong with starting an Airbnb business in Sri Lanka. Our guide will help you go that extra mile to become a ?Superhost? and attract plenty of guests.

How to be a good Airbnb host

Little things make all the difference

Things such as nice glasses to drink wine or exotic mugs for tea and coffee can make guests feel good about themselves. Stock the kitchen drawers with good quality cutlery, plates and glasses. Make the bedrooms look charming and comfort inducing. Airbnb renters look for a more personal touch. The secret is to imagine what you would enjoy during a brief stay and fill your rental space accordingly.

Keep it clean and tidy

No one wants to use a grubby bathroom when they are on holiday. Always, keep your rental space super clean and tidy. You can hire a cleaning person and give that person a checklist. Pay attention to little things like scrubbing the oven, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the bathroom. Remove all personal belongings from your space before guests arrive. Your guest would not feel comfortable with opening a drawer and seeing your personal belongings sashes inside. Empty the closest to let guests use those spaces. Make sure that there are no mosquitoes or insects lurking in shadowy corners.

Stock the bathroom

Keep your bathroom stocked with clean towels and shampoo, face wash, soap etc. Your guests will thank you for being so considerate.

Keep it simple

Don?t go overboard with the d?cor. Guests would want to feel cozy and at home. Unnecessary d?cor can make them feel uncomfortable. Furnish your space with the necessities. Strive for comfort and minimalism. If you keep your rental space neutral, you will spot scratches and stains easily. Whenever you do spot scratches, fix those up.


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