How To Avoid Holiday Scams When Booking A Villa Or Apartment ? Enjoying Sri Lanka Villa Holidays

How To Avoid Holiday Scams When Booking A Villa Or Apartment

Looking to book a holiday home? Sri Lanka villa holidays are the best! Want to make sure your online booking is scam free? Check out our top tips to avoid getting scammed.

Choose Credit Card Payments For Booking Sri Lanka Luxury Villas

We recommend you avoid paying for your holiday villa in Sri Lanka via a bank transfer or even a cheque. Choose to pay by credit card which in turn is a verification of the company you plan to rent your holiday home from. Check out the Pearl Sri Lanka website for a list of fabulous luxury villas for rent near Galle; this is one town you don?t want to miss exploring. Our secure payment options guarantee a safe transaction.

Don?t Be In A Rush To Book Your Coastal Holiday Home In Sri Lanka

If you?ve left things to the last minute and are now looking for a tropical coastal holiday home to rent come December; don?t be in a panic. This is one weakness holiday-home scammers prey on, think before you snap up what you think is a great last minute deal on a villa rental, most often a vacation property available at the last minute and looks too good be true, may not be . Our advice ? research and double check!

Research The Host Of The Holiday Home

Don?t make the mistake of booking a holiday home without knowing who you are renting the property from. Being based in Sri Lanka we know why Lonely Planet picked the island as 2019?s top holiday destination. Likewise, the owner of your rental should be able to share facts on area attractions, top restaurants etc. Be a detective and feel the vibes.

Go Through The Verified Reviews

Reviews are your best insight to a property, its amenities and how the host reacts. Verified reviews are not faked and serve as the perfect gauge to making sure your luxury villa in Sri Lanka is the perfect holiday venue.

We?ve got quite a few satisfied guests to be proud of and would love to add you to the list; let?s chat and plan your island getaway ? don?t wait too long, remember, the best deals get snapped up fast!

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