Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka ? Guide to Setting Up a Property Business

Properties for sale in Sri Lanka ? Guide to setting up a property business

Tips for setting up a property business abroad ? Properties for sale in Sri Lanka

The demand for residential and commercial properties in Sri Lanka has increased recently. As such, properties for sale in Sri Lanka too have become highly attractive to investors. However, setting up a property business overseas requires a comprehensive understanding of the local business environment and networking. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Research the local business environment

Conduct in depth research into the local political, economic and regulatory environment before you look for suitable properties. Making local friends as well as connecting with expats who have been living in the country can help you dive into the details about the country?s business environment. You can attend local events to expand your knowledge as well as connections.

Get professional help from a local agent

You should consider hiring a lawyer or an accountant locally to help you deal with local bureaucracy. Ideally, it should be someone with substantial knowledge about international law. A local agent can help you with small but important details that you otherwise may miss through sheer ignorance about the local culture and way of handling business.

Look in to past successes and failures

You can learn a lot about the business in a specific country by learning from the successes as well as failures of others. Study your competition as well as ventures of former investors including those who made big money and those who lost their investments. You can get ideas to formulate your own success strategies from investors who made it big by doing what you are planning to do. You could also learn from mistakes that past investors made.

Build your network

The success of your business depends on those you know. Connections make all the difference in the real estate industry. Start with expats who have set up businesses in the country and work towards building your local network of people too.


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