Whale Watching Near Galle – Gentle Giants of the Indian Ocean

Gentle giants of the Indian Ocean

Mirissa is a small coastal village in the south of Sri Lanka. Famous for its beautiful beaches it is home to the biggest fishing port on the southern coast. Mirissa is renowned as a whale watching hotspot in the country attracting hundreds of tourists to the peaceful hamlet each year. Many people would love to make Mirrisa their abode and you do find villas for sale in Sri Lanka that is surrounded by the whispering sound of the sea. Mirissa is a world-class attraction for its presence of Whales.

When to go Whale Watching near Galle

Firstly make sure to plan your trip during the whale-watching season which starts in November and ends early May. The peak months of the season are December, January, and April and there’s a great possibility that you will be able to spot one during this time.

The Cruise

There are many whale watching tour operators available, even the Sri Lanka Navy has a special whale watching tour project. Tickets for adults will range between Rs. 5000 to 6000 and children between the ages of 6-12 years will be charged half that rate. The rates for these tours do not differ much, and most of them include onboard breakfast.

The tour usually starts at 6 am and continues for 3-5 hours depending on the sightings. If you are staying in Mirissa, many operators arrange transport or you will have to meet them near the harbour or allocated location.

What to Wear

Make sure to wear comfortable cotton clothes. Since you will be out at sea when the sun comes out to make sure to carry a pair of shades and a cap. The tour operator will provide safety jackets for everyone on board. It is advised to take seasick pill one or two hours before the journey starts.


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