Four Places to Eat in Galle

Places to Eat in Galle

Travelers to Sri Lanka most often prefer to spend a few days at one of the famous Galle villas in Sri Lanka. Here is a foodie guide to a sojourn in Galle.

A Minute By Tuk Tuk

A Minute by Tuk Tuk offers a view that even one of the best beach villas in Sri Lanka can rival. The restaurant is located at the Galle Dutch Hospital. They serve a ?to die for? prawn curry laces with spices, excellent chicken satay and a ?batu moju? with a modern twist. ?Batu moju? is an eggplant based dish. If you like Asian fusion food, you will enjoy eating at this restaurant with a view.


Crepe-Ology is an excellent choice for breakfast. The restaurant is located on Leyn Bann Street and they serve a delectable selection of crepes with filings and other accompaniments. You can choose either sweet of savoury crepes or both. If you prefer something else along with your pancakes, the restaurant serves crispy salads and delicious wraps.

Poonie?s Kitchen

The signature dish at Poonie?s Kitchen is called the salad thali inspired by the South Indian thali. The kaleidoscope of colours and patterns of the dish and its healthy choices speak volumes about the type of cuisine that the restaurant serves guests. At Poonie?s Kitchen, you could dine on organic and delicious dishes and drink healthy juices or even coffee to top it all off with a slice of carrot cake.

Church Street Social

Church Street Social is located in the Fort Bazaar. The restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern and South Asian fusion cuisine. The menu is on the pricier side but the dishes and the ambiance more than makeup for the high prices. If you are looking for a restaurant to linger over your meal, Church Street Social is a good choice. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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