Easy Steps To Maintain Your Yoga Ritual On Holiday ? For Sanities Sake!

How To Maintain Your Yoga Ritual On Holiday

Choose Sri Lanka Holiday Villas for your next vacation and continue your lifestyle when on vacation. A holiday home offers plenty of personal space and a homely atmosphere. Practise your daily yoga rituals, soak up island vibes and relax your mind body and soul. 

If you?re worried about fitting in your yoga practise with that exciting holiday schedule, we?ve got a few suggestions to help you sneak in a daily session. Do read on.

Sustain Your Yoga Practise When On Holiday By Setting An Intention

Think about an intention for your yoga routine when on holiday. Do so before your travels start. Keep it simple and consider who will be on holiday with you. If you are embarking on a family vacation in Sri Lanka, you may need loads of patience, hence setting an intention of ?gratitude? will help you to maintain patience and stay positive. Did you know our wide range of villa rentals in Sri Lanka are carefully designed to imbibe island vibes and help guests rejuvenate mind body and soul!

Keep Your Holiday Yoga Practise Simple To Continue The Routine

Keeping your yoga practise simple during your holiday will be practical. Remember that even a 15 to 20 minute session will help you achieve your daily intention. Select a few asanas or meditations which will help you connect with your intentions.  Sun salutations work wonders in tropics such as Sri Lanka and, our fabulous luxury villas in Sri Lanka offer plenty of opportunity to do so.

Choose A Space To Practise Your Yoga At Your Holiday Home

As soon as you arrive, explore your space. Our holiday homes are designed for maximum relaxation and comfort. Its easy to find a little nook to practise your yoga daily. A terrace, a corner of the garden, a spot by the pool or even a secluded space on the beach (when you choose our luxury beachfront villas). Knowing that space is waiting for you is a great motivation to start of your holiday yoga practise.

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