Villas in Mirissa, Sri Lanka: Discovering Mirissa

Villas in Sri Lanka: Discovering Mirissa

The crescent shaped sandy beach in Mirissa is one of those heavenly places where you can spend hours in utter bliss. Home to some of the best villas in Sri Lanka, Mirissa is one of the most beautiful beach towns in the island of Sri Lanka.

Whale Watching

Mirissa draws hundreds of people from November to March to its shores to spot whales. Endangered blue whales frequent the sea near Mirissa during this period along with fin whales and sperm whales. You?ll definitely see pods of dolphins frolicking in the salty depths, vying for attention. Sometimes, schools of flying fish cruise the area, adding to the spell of the sea. As Mirissa is home to some of the best beach villas in Sri Lanka, you will have no trouble finding accommodation in the area even during the busy whale watching season. However, it is always a good idea to book accommodation well ahead of schedule.

Fun on the Beach

The main stretch of silky sand in Mirissa is clean and tranquil even in spite of the crowd of tourists. You can lounge about all day long on the beach or go snorkeling during low tide. If it is your lucky day, you?ll swim with turtles. Surfers love Mirissa for its more laid back atmosphere. The waves are pretty good and the point break is decent. ?If the sea is not too rough, wade through the water to climb the parrot rock which affords a beautiful view of the surrounding. If you want to capture a sunset through elegant palm trees, go to the nearby coconut palm grove.


The nightlife in Mirissa is more laidback compared to that of Hikkaduwa. However, there are plenty of beach bars and restaurants that throw nightly parties with music and fireworks. You can start the evening with drinks on the beach while the sun paints the sky. Once darkness falls, order a platter of seafood and wait for the music.

Stay at these luxury villas near Mirissa:


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