Check Out the Seasonal Fruits of Sri Lanka

Check Out the Seasonal Fruits of Sri Lanka

Juicy delights loaded with flavour, the tropical fruits of Sri Lanka are a treat to enjoy, as you bask under golden skies. Vibrant reds, purples, deep greens and orange like the setting sun, the fruits taste as good as they look. Listed below are some of the best.


A seasonal fruit Rambutan originated from Malaysia and is mainly grown in Malwana. Ripe rambutans are either red or deep yellow, taste both varieties and decide on which one you like better. Peel off the outer shell and pop the fleshy fruit, similar to lychees, in your mouth. A good rambutan is juicy with a sweet and sour taste while the flesh comes off easily from the large seed. Dispose of the shell responsibly as they tend to turn into breeding grounds for Dengue mosquitoes. Heading out to villas in Sri Lanka, make sure to stop and buy a bag of rambutan which will be sold along the roadsides when in season.


The famous or infamous fruit of Asia, Durian, too is seasonal and best known for its strong aroma. Known as the ?king of fruits? and banned at some hotels in south-east Asia, durian is the kind of fruit you love or hate; this is due to the strong flavour and aroma. Nevertheless, the fruit has quite a fan base. Look for durian often sold next to piles of rambutan, it?s a greenish yellow coloured large fruit with a thorny case.


An exotic fruit you must taste, the hard outer shell of mangosteen is a deep purplish red which you can crack open by pressing the fruit in your hands. Inside are white fleshy pips arranged in neat wedges similar to a tangerine; very juicy, the pips are sweet and sour to taste. This too is a seasonal fruit and can be expensive at the start of the season. Make sure to avoid getting the reddish juice from the shell on your clothes.

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