Best Whale Watching Experiences in Sri Lanka

Best Whale Watching Experiences in Sri Lanka

Whale watching is an awesome experience in Sri Lanka. The warm water of the Indian Ocean is a playground for over 20 species of the gentle mammals, seen almost all year round at various points. Explained below is whale watching in Sri Lanka.

A Whale of an Experience

Getting to watch Earths marine giants play and frolic with their young in natural habitats is an experience to remember. As the ocean surrounding the island has an abundance of food, many species of migratory whales are spotted off the coasts with locations changing by season.

Weather and the abundant availability of food are great lures for migratory whales, and the ocean surrounding Sri Lanka is ideal for both. Coastal villas in Sri Lanka are very popular and make the perfect base from which to set-off on early morning whale watching expeditions, not to forget are the heavenly locations of swaying palms and golden beaches.

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  • Whale Watching Seasons in Sri LankaSouth and West Coast ? November to April is high season. Weligama on the south is most popular, the beach there is pretty awesome too surfing is a top thrill. Look for tours heading out to Dondra Head, the islands southern-most point for views of both dolphins and whales.
  • Kalpitiya on the north-west coast too is famous at this time for both whale and dolphin watching, kite surfing is a top activity there.
  • East Coast ? June to September is high season for whale watching in beautiful Trincomalee, home to one of the world?s deepest and most stunning natural harbours. Blue whale sightings are very popular there, besides, the place is steeped in history with Swami Rock and Koneswaram Temple waiting to be explored.

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Best Time to Head Off on a Tour

Early morning tours are known to be the most successful, especially around Trincomalee, and depends how calm the sea is.

Choose Your Tours Wisely

As defining and awesome your whale sightings will be, make sure to choose a tour operator who practises ethical tours with the welfare of the mammals at heart. Tours agencies that offer experienced guides conducting tours by observing the animal?s behaviour is best.

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