Best Things To Do In Mirissa ? Chilling At Luxury Villas For Rent In Mirissa

Best Things To Do In Mirissa

The sleepy village of Mirissa is a blissful haven of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The area is a hot spot for tourists and a variety of water sports. While this article explores top things to do in Mirissa, check out our luxury villas for rent in Mirissa

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One Of The Best Things To Do In Mirissa Is Look For Secret Beach!

This is one secret we can?t keep to ourselves! So here goes, Secret Beach is a secluded sandy oasis surrounded by the best of nature. The beach is very private with just on local bar. You can find the beach by looking up Secret Beach Bar on Google Maps. Or ask a tuk-tuk to drive you; you will have to walk down to the beach from the main road as the steep incline cannot be tackled by a tuk.

Head Out To Parrot Rock In Mirissa

Amongst the most interesting things to do in Mirissa is to view the surroundings from the summit of Parrot Rock. It?s a rocky outcrop located just off-shore from Mirissa Beach. In low tide you can wade to the rock. But do not attempt the walk during high-tide or when the sea is rough. 

Visit The Mirissa ?Coconut Tree Spot?

Coconut tree spot is a coconut plantation located on a peninsula in Mirissa. The grounds located on a higher level offer sweeping views across the India Ocean. While the sunsets there are quite magical. Mind you watch out for falling coconuts though!

Chill At Doctors House Best Activity In Mirissa

This Doctors House you will clamour to visit. A lovely garden club, the place serves delicious bites and sunset cocktails. Chill and chat to other tourists in the lush gardens of Doctors House.

Whale Watching, A Top Activity In Mirissa

Whale watching is a top activity in Mirissa. Sri Lanka is visited by over 20 species of whales throughout the year and you can easily spot whales during the November to March season in Mirissa.

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