Awesome Sunsets in Sri Lanka

Awesome sunsets in Sri Lanka

Best Places to Observe a Sunrise or Sunset in Sri Lanka

Sometimes the allure of a holiday destination can often be found in its natural simplicity. From is roaring hill country to its sun kissed beaches, the island of Sri Lanka offers tourists many beautiful attractions. If you?re an ardent Instagrammer looking to capture your next holiday moment then read on for our short guide on where to find the best sunrises /sunsets in the island.

Adam?s Peak

Standing tall at more than 7000 feet, the sunrise at the summit of Adam?s Peak is legendary.  In fact, should you ask any local where to catch the best sunrise, Adam?s Peak will literally figure quite high-up.  Known fondly by locals as ?Sri Pada?, there is a season for climbing this peak which begins in December and ends in May. Many in Sri Lanka view the ascent up Adam?s Peak as a pilgrimage. Buddhists believe the summit bears the sacred foot print of the Buddha. Either way a view from the summit invokes a sense of spirituality for anyone who attempts this climb.

Ella Gap

Situated in the hill country of Sri Lanka, Ella is a little town just about a half an hour?s drive from the town of Bandarawela, located in the southeastern hills.  Ella has grown in popularity owing to the Ella rock which is a huge tourists attraction. When in Ella, its highly recommended that one scales the rock and take in the sunrise through the gap in the hills. This slit in the landscape of the hills is known as the Ella Gap and offers breathing views you won?t forget in a hurry.

Sunrise at Lipton?s Seat

Another must visit location is Haputale also located in the  hill country. In order to take in the view and the sunrise from the famous Lipton Seat it is recommended that you spend a night in Haputale and rise early.  In the morning ,head out to the Dambatenne Tea Estate where Lipton?s Seat is situated. Named after a British businessman who became the face of famed Lipton Tea, the plastered figure at the site pays tribute to the man and the brand which survives today.

Pidurangala Rock

While Pidurangala is in close proximity to popular Sigiriya rock, this site takes a bit of skill to be able to scale upto its flat rock surface . The route to the summit of Pidurangala is through a monastery and as such it is considered a sacred site. Once you?re at the top you will see Sigiriya rock in the distance against the hues of the first rays of sunlight spreading against the sky and just picturesque.

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