A Look at Exotic Sri Lankan Dishes

Exotic Sri Lankan Dishes

Delicious dishes of Sri Lanka are as exotic as the island itself. The perfect blend of spices create heavenly meals your taste-buds will hanker for long after you return home. Do make the most of it while in paradise; here are the details.

The Staple Rice and Curry

If you ever you come across a Sri Lankan with a hang-dog expression, it probably means he missed his lunch of rice and curry. A staple, the meal consists of a mound of rice around which a meat, fish or egg and 2 to 3 vegetables are served. There are various accompaniments such as crunchy pappadam, spicy fried chillies and dry fish or chutney. Sri Lankans eat rice and curry by hand. You only use the fingers of one hand to scoop up a mouthful of rice and make sure to not rub food on your palm.

more info:www.yamu.lk/rice-and-curry

Pol Roti

Pol means coconut in Sinhala, and pol roti are flat griddle cakes made by mixing shredded coconut with wheat flour. The flat roti is cooked to a crispy brown on the outside with a soft center. You eat it with a spicy onion relish or paired with a curry. Perfect for breakfast of dinner, roti is often served at villas in Sri Lanka promising one island vibes and a laid-back holiday.

Seafood Galore

As an island Sri Lanka is very famous for seafood; in addition lagoon crabs and prawns to are succulent delights you will enjoy in places such as Negombo on the west and Batticaloa in the east, not that the variety is not available in Colombo.

more info: www.yamu.lk/seafood-in-colombo

Meats on Poya Days

Sri Lanka is a predominantly Buddhist nation and on full moon poya days, no meats or alcohol is served. Most Buddhist do not eat beef while the Muslim minority refrain from eating pork. And as the island is a marvellous amalgamation of cultures, you will find meal plans change according to the ethnicity of each little food stations owner. Be Vary of the Spicy

Spice goes hand in hand with Sri Lankan cuisine. Unless you are really into daredevil adventure make sure you ask for a toned down version of curries. ?Less spicy? or ?is this spicy? are a few terms you should learn in Sinhala.

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