A Guide to Finding a Lawyer in Sri Lanka

A Guide to Finding a Lawyer in Sri Lanka

Whether you?ve decided to buy a property in Sri Lanka, rent out a property you already own or simply want to invest in a new venture, you will need proper legal guidance. However, simply typing the term ?Property Lawyer in Sri Lanka? is not the most reliable way to find the right match for you. Here is a brief guide to finding a lawyer in Sri Lanka.

Make a List of Potential Lawyers

You can visit the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (www.basl.lk) website and a couple of other websites which provide more detailed information to find out a few lawyers that might fit your need. The below websites offer more detailed information about lawyers.


Make a List of Potential Lawyers and Include His or Her Name, Address, Contact Number and Fields of Expertise in the List.

Look for recommendations

In Sri Lanka, word of mouth carries a lot of weight. Ask a few friends, acquaintances and even family to recommend lawyers for you. You should find out who they hired and what type of legal services that the lawyer offered them and more importantly whether they were happy with the service. You could double check with the list you already have and add the recommended lawyers to it.

Review the lawyers online

You should look for their educational background and work history. Most lawyers will be on social media such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. It is a good idea to check how they conduct themselves on social media to figure out whether you will be comfortable hiring them.

Make a few preliminary appointments and ask questions

After you narrow down on a few lawyers on the list, make few appointments and see them in person or make a phone call. Most lawyers will offer free consultation and if they don?t simply call them and ask a few of the following questions before you go ahead.

  • Ask whether he or she charges hourly or is ready to work for a flat fee
  • Ask her or him about the timeframe in which they can deliver your project
  • Ask how soon the lawyers can start working on your project

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